Friday, January 6, 2012

Co-Dependent on Foreign Oil

Random woman: Is this your car? *points to Prius I'm using from Zipcar*
Me: Yeah.
Random woman: Your use of cars from this company causes our dependence on foreign oil.
Me: But it's a hybrid... and I only use the car when I need it. I don't even own it.
Random woman: Exactly! They want you to need to use their car.
Me: Okay...?
Random woman: If you want this country to be back on track don't use cars like this. *points again to the Prius and then gets in her non-hybrid mini-SUV* 

I'm not trying to get preachy that I think I'm better than this woman for driving a hybrid that also happens to not be a mini-SUV (although I am better than this woman for not walking up to a complete stranger in the parking lot and telling them they're wrong because of the kind of car they drive). I just find it humorous that I take regional transit to work, carpool, and very rarely get behind the wheel of a car, but when I do I try to get something a little more fuel efficient.

That's all I've got.